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School Furniture


Creative and flexible solutions for all methodologies.

Nautilus covers all needs and requirements from preschool to university, with intelligent, innovative and integrating equipment and technology solutions that use different applications that can be adjusted with great flexibility to meet different learning situations.

New Learning Spaces

The challenge of creating the future

Innovative learning

Furniture, technology and innovative solutions for education. Inspiring environments with ergonomic furniture suitable for each space of the school. Parts with careful, functional and safe design Produced in compliance and respect for environmental rules, through recyclable certified raw materials, and efficient production processes.

Separate, join and create

Versatile and creative solutions.

Our table solutions offer the possibility to create different configurations within any space of the school.

100% recyclable

Ergos line.

Reuse, recovery and recycling of materials and energy. Replacing the end-of-life concept of the linear economy, with new circular flows of reuse, restoration and renovation. MORE.

Digital interactivity

Technologic solutions.

Access to different digital content throughinnovative technological solutions that allow interactivity within the classroom.


Product main features.


Antibacterial component that reduces the presence of bacteria up to 99%.


Surfaces prepared to guarantee easy cleaning and without damage.

UV Protection

Resistant to ultraviolet rays. Suitable for outdoor use.


Produced with recyclable materials.


School 21


Would you like to have a pilot room at your school?

School 21

New Learning

We present the school of the future (called “School 21 – New Learning Spaces”), which follows the Nautilus Research & Development project, in partnership with the Education Institute of the University of Lisbon: “School 2020 – Co-Learning Teams” based on teamwork, collaboration between students, on the integration of technology at the service of education, improving school content, student attention and consequently school rates.

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