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NAUTILUS - Intelligent furniture

School and office furniture. Technologies for education.

Who we are

Innovatives by tradition.



Today, NAUTILUS has a very wide offer, working on two main axes, school furniture and technologies for education. The company differentiates itself from the competition, offering a complete and integrated solution for work and learning environments, whose needs have evolved.

Its journey began in 1996 with the production of home furniture. In 1999, the company started to dedicate itself to the production of school furniture, with recognized success.

In practice, NAUTILUS ‘activity is more comprehensive, consisting of the production of wooden, metallic and polypropylene furnitureintended not only for the school segment, but also betting on the production of furniture for offices, libraries, churches and museums, etc.



Investment in innovation and technological development has played, throughout its course, an essential role in the activity developed by NAUTILUS.

Since 2005, the company has an R&D nucleus, which is nothing more than a team with technicians dedicated exclusively to the development of new products.

The technological leap taken by NAUTILUS marked the turning point in the company’s journey. In 2006, it receivedinternational recognition for its innovation in the area of technologies for education, through the Worlddidac Award, the most prestigious and recognized worldwide award in the education sector. The achievement of this award (received 3 times in a row) was the passport to the company’s internationalization and gave NAUTILUS notoriety abroad.

Each piece goes through experienced hands, following a finishing line that allows a superior quality.

Transformation of components into tubes and, above all, sheet metal. Finishes through the epoxy painting line.

Polymer injection.
Injection line, gas assisted, fully automated in order to allow mass production efficiently.


Integrated management system

Strategy fundamentals.


Build a strategy of production flexibility that allows us to respond, in a timely manner, to the requests of our customers, with the concern of protecting the environment with a view to preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts, mainly related to the consumption of water and of energy, as well as the reuse and recovery of waste.


Maintain a high level of development and innovation, offering a range of products of high standards of quality when compared to similar products on the market.


Satisfy the needs and expectations of the several stakeholders, making a commitment to comply with their regulatory for product, service and environment.


Promote the satisfaction and participation of the company’s employees in all its activities, in order to maximize the capture of ideas and positive contributions to the continuous improvement of the integrated management system, keeping the entire team of employees as a cohesive and motivated group.


Strengthen our scientific and technological bases with the aim of enhancing our innovative capacity and the company’s sustainable growth.


Seeking that all actions taken are reflected in the annual growth of business volume.

Vision of Innovation

Intelligent Furniture

The motto that guides us to be one of the market leaders in school furniture, reinforcing the innovative nature of our products.

Innovation Strategy

The current Innovation Strategy, reviewed annually, preferably in the Management System Review, is as follows:

– Functional improvement of school furniture;

– Integration of technologies for education;

– Flexibility of teaching through furniture;

– Improvement of the school environment;

– Electrical portability at school;

– Security in schools;

– Production of sustainable polymer furniture;

– Use of artificial intelligence in the classroom;

– Exploration of new markets in the school area.

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