NETBOARD PORTABLE is an all-in-one solution consisting in an interactive projector assembled on a proprietary mount designed to allow the use on the floor, on a table or on the wall. It can also integrate a microcomputer, laptop or tablet. Students can interact intuitively with educational contents in multiple surfaces, developing their motor, cognitive and social skills.

NETBOARD PORTABLE was finalist at BETT Awards, in London, and GESS Awards 2017 (Global Educational Supplies & Solutions).


The NETBOARD STANDARD includes a lower box that can be adapted to storage and charge tablets. The height adjustable mobile stand comprises in a single structure the short or ultra-short-throw projector, whiteboard and storage box, providing the classroom with a simple solution to bring interactivity to classes.
The NETBOARD STANDARD won Worlddidac Award, having been pedagogically valid by a Jury of Education Experts, in 2008 and 2010.


UNI_NET interactive table fulfills a dual function. In addition to its purpose as a student desk it also incorporates a computer. The table is design to be connected to the interactive whiteboard and to the teacher’s computer, ensuring a fully collaborative work. UNI_NET won Worlddidac Awards in 2006.


The DUAL_STEP chair was designed to of maximize the comfort, ergonomics and posture of each student. Prepared to make a simultaneous adjustment in three points, the DUAL_STEP chair adjusts to the height of each student, ensuring a correct anatomic support. By means of a unique and innovative mechanism, the chair allows a continual and simultaneous regulation, in one single movement, of the seat’s height and depth and back’s height. The knob, discreet and irremovable, enables blocking the entire system and fixing the chair in the desirable position.
Besides being ergonomic, stackable, versatile and durable, its dimensions comply with EN 1729 standard. DUAL_STEP was awarded in the 18th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference 2015, in Nashville, USA.


Entirely produced in double-walled polypropylene, ERGOS chairs were tested and certified by FIRA INTERNATIONAL Lab, a leading authority on furniture tests worldwide. Suitable for classrooms, cafeterias and outdoors, they are available in 7 sizes from pre-school to adulthood. ERGOS chairs comply with EN 1729 Parts 1 & 2 (European standard for dimensions, strength and stability). They are durable, stackable, lightweight, easily washable, can be antibacterial and have 10 years warranty.
ERGOS chairs were finalist at GESS Awards 2017.