Management Policy

Integrated Management System Policy

Nautilus policy has six key strategic vectors:

1.    Built a strategy of production flexibility that allows us to respond, in effective time, to all of our client needs, with the concern for the protection of the environment, in order to prevent pollution and to minimize environmental impacts, mainly those related to water and energy consumption, as well as the reutilization and valorisation of waste;

2.    Maintain a high level of innovation in the development of our products, offering a range of products of superior quality to the average rate of similar products in the market;

3.    Satisfy stakeholders’ needs and expectations in terms of products and services supplied, meeting their requirements, as well as the applicable legal and regulatory;

4.    Promote satisfaction and employee participation in all its activities, so as to maximize fundraising ideas and positive contributions to the continual improvement of proceedings, results and quality management system and keeping the whole team of collaborators as a cohesive and motivated group;

5.    Seek that all undertaken actions will be reflected in the annual growth of turnover;

6.    Strengthen our scientific and technological bases with the aim of maximizing our innovative capacity and sustainable growth of the company.