Today NAUTILUS has a wide range of products, working in two main segments, school furniture and technologies for education. The company differentiates itself from the competition by offering a complete and integrated solution for the reality of today’s schools, whose needs have evolved. The school furniture and learning technologies are today inseparable requirements for modern school.

Its activity began in 1996 with the production of home furnishings. In 1999, a new Board of Directors changed the focus of the company that started producing school furniture, with recognized success.

NAUTILUS activity is broader, consisting in the production of wooden, metallic and polypropylene furniture aimed not only at school segment (from preschool to university) but for offices, libraries,

churches and museums as well.

The investments in innovation and technological development had, throughout the years, a key role in NAUTILUS’ activity. Since 2005 the company has a R&D center, with a technical team dedicated exclusively to the development of new products.

NAUTILUS’ technological leap given by was a turning point in the company’s path. In 2006 came the international recognition for its innovation in the area of technologies for education through the Worlddidac Award, the most prestigious and recognized award in the education sector. Winning this prize (3 consecutive times) was the passport to the company’s internationalization which gave notoriety to NAUTILUS abroad.

The implementation of the Technological Plan for Education by the Portuguese Government was also a transition period, this time in the domestic market, resulting in a major boost in national sales of Interactive School products, a concept developed by the company, which gathers all the technologies to education needed to make classes more interesting, creative and productive. Having anticipated the market needs and the evolution of modern schools paradigm, when the Technological Plan for Education was implemented, NAUTILUS was in a premium position to supply the Portuguese schools with interactive products for education.

With a continued growth in the last 10 years, today NAUTILUS is present in more than 20 countries, with exportation above 60%.