Ergonomics: its importance in furniture

Ergonomics must be thought during the conception of spaces and furniture design

During the conception of a space and when designing each furniture piece, it is crucial to pay attention to ergonomics first. Ergonomic furniture aims to warranty maximum comfort, safety and health and, for that, it’s necessary to know users’ sizes and height.

In school environment, ergonomics is important for students’ interaction with the classroom, because here they spend most of their childhood and adolescence. Inadequate school furniture can bring negative consequences, not only health issues, but also affects the learning process, due to pain and discomfort caused by bad posture provided by traditional furniture, which still can be found in several classrooms. With ergonomic furniture, students will have a better posture, will be more concentrated during classes and will obtain better results.

The major problems in the classroom are the fact that chairs aren’t adequate to different student heights, which vary a lot. Height adjustable chairs are a solution for these problems, because they ensure that feet stay perfectly on the ground and that seat height is the same as popliteal height.

This is the case of our DUAL_STEP chair, which was rewarded in the 18th Annual Conference of Applied Ergonomics, in Nashville, USA, 2015. This chair is one of the examples which prove that adjustable chairs may solve classroom problems, where students’ disparate heights are regular. DUAL_STEP has a mechanism which allows simultaneous back and seat height and depth adjustment.

The same occurs in work environment, especially in the office. Inadequate furniture in a workplace causes several health issues, like tendonitis, tendon inflammation and pain. Given that, ergonomics is essential in the office, because it helps reduce workers’ stress levels, who will be more focused in their work, increasing productivity and the company success.

Ergonomics is a need and the warranty of students or workers’ comfort and wellbeing, because it brings benefits to the health and increases productivity.