Emociona Congress: solutions for the modern classroom

This week, Emociona Congress will be held from 16th to 18th November, in Oviedo, Asturias (Spain), organized by Escuelas Católicas, a FERE-CECA brand. Emociona Congress will take place in Oviedo Congress and Exhibition Palace and will host more than 1600 directors and teachers, as well as national and international figures.

In Emociona Congress, the theme will be communication and its influence in education. The focus will be the need of responding to challenges demanded by current society, offering the necessary communication tools, so that schools can properly project the global image of their impact in society.

Escuelas Católicas is an institution which integrates more than 2800 educational centres, since elementary school to high school, including also professional education. It’s an institution which defends educational freedom, social and professional responsibility, as well as the constant search for innovation and continuous development.

We will be present in the Oviedo Congress and Exhibition Palace, where we will show our solutions for 21st century schools. Participants in Emociona Congress will have the opportunity of knowing our ERGOS Chairs and DESK21, solutions for better ergonomics in the classroom and for a more collaborative, relaxed and interesting environment. Netboard Portable will be present as well, being a unique solution for 21st century classrooms, thanks to its versatility and interactivity.