Dual Step

The DUAL_STEP chair was designed to maximize the comfort, ergonomics and posture of each student. Prepared to make a simultaneous adjustment in three points, the DUAL_STEP chair adjusts to the height of each student, ensuring a correct anatomic support.

A correct posture prevents fatigue, contributes positively to the increase of the attention’s rate and prevents the appearance of musculoskeletal alterations and diseases related with wrong posture such as scoliosis.

By means of a unique and innovative mechanism, the chair allows a continual and simultaneous regulation, in one single movement, of the seat’s height and depth and back’s height.

The knob, discreet and irremovable, enables blocking the entire system and fixing the chair in the desirable position.




The ONE table is height adjustable, to accompany the selected height for the DUAL_STEP chair, adjusting perfectly to each student’s stature.