Comic Con Portugal: a space for school libraries

The creative studio Jankenpon, with the School Library Network (“Rede de Bibliotecas Escolares”), organized the educational programme in Comic Con Portugal, in Exponor, Oporto, from the 14th to the 17th December. This year, there was a method of payment in which the visitors who brought a book would pay less. After Comic Con, the books will be offered to Oporto school libraries. The educational programme was based in a space which replicated a school library, where books were kept during the four days at Comic Con.

Nautilus participated in this event, by helping to create the space which replicated a school library, with two Q2000 double bookcases and a multimedia display, in Kids Pavilion, during the four days at the event.
The furniture line Q2000 was created by thinking about libraries, education resource centres and archives. The bookcases, with solid wooden structure and wood agglomerate shelves, ensure the creation of spaces which may respond to specific storage and organization needs (books, documents and multimedia contents).

Jankenpon is a comic newspaper created by Portuguese authors, whose focus is manga, including as well news related to culture and entertainment, about comics, movies or games. They attend every year at Comic Con, since its beginning in Portugal, in 2014.