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4515-161 Foz do Sousa
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T: +351 224 507 420
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Corporate furniture


The experience
of a long history.

Due to its recognized capacity and competence in the production of quality furniture, NAUTILUS offers several corporate and institutional furniture solutions for the following sectors of activity:

— Office
— Museum
— Auditorium
— Fire department
— Church

— Senior residence
— Laboratories
— Public services
— Architecture
— Special projects


and creative capacity.

We are ready to accept any challenge.


Nautilus designs furniture for different interior spaces in order to resolve functional issues in perfect harmony with aspects of an aesthetic nature.

Product Design

Products design properly adjusted to mass production. Or products are designed having in mind long term use and totaly recyclable, allways considering the latest technology available.

Productive Capacity

NAUTILUS has a high production capacity, which, in addition to the efficient management of its processes, allows it to face the most demanding challenges posed by its customers.

Special projects.

Let´s collaborate

Got a project?
Work with us.

We are a team of professionals passionate about innovative ideas and we like to help our customers find the best solutions.

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